Monday, 2 January 2012

Picasso in Barcelona

Some raw materials for studying the works Picasso did during his time in Barcelona. Plenty in good old-fashioned books of course, starting with the relevant chapters of Ricahrdson's biography.

The Museu Picasso has a large collection the works Picasso produced there. The Museum has an excellent website and key works can be seen virtually.

Here is a link to a brochure accompanying an exhibition of Picasso's early works. It gives a useful outline of the Barcelona / Paris years.

Strongly recommended is the 19-page Guide to Picasso's Barcelona by Josep Maria Carandell (I got mine in the underground 'Ruta del Modernisme' shop in the Plaza de Catalunya - look for a big red 'i' sign. Also available from Picasso Museum and no doubt elsewhere). There's a virtual version based on this pamphlet on the MP site.

A review of early drawings has much on the Barcelona years. JSTOR citation:

Picasso. Barcelona
Review by: Marilyn McCully
The Burlington Magazine , Vol. 140, No. 1139 (Feb., 1998), pp. 147-149
Slightly to one side (at least as far as individual works of art are concerned) is this discussion on Picasso's possible political affiliations. Helpful for background:
Picasso's Politics in Barcelona
Marilyn McCully, Michael Raeburn and Patricia Leighten
The Art Bulletin , Vol. 69, No. 1 (Mar., 1987), pp. 133-136
I hope to come back to this subject before long.