Monday, 2 April 2012

T S Eliot and Christianity

Links to some excellent online material on the crucial subject (for students of Eliot) of T S Eliot and Christianity. Arranged, very roughly, in order of complexity:

Barry Spurr, T S Eliot's Extraordinary Journey of Faith

Barry Spurr, Suffering Prayer: T S Eliot, his Poetry and his Christianity

Barry Spurr, 'O dark dark dark they all go into the dark: the via negativa in the poetry of T S Eliot'

Lindsay Sarin, Full Circle: T S Eliot's Quest for Spiritual Fulfillment (Honours Thesis)

Florida Gulf Coast University page on Journey of the Magi

Vincent B Leitch, T S Eliot's Poetry of Religious Desolation

Dissertation on Eliot and Religion by Janet MKC (?)

Philip Yancey, T S Eliot's Christian society: Still Relevant Today?

Barry Spurr's findings are treated at full length in his book Anglo-Catholic in Religion: T S Eliot and Christianity

See also earlier blogs on T S Eliot, especially 'Ash Wednesday'.